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 Dirtriders Officer results
(Download Size: ~943KB)
Hi Guys, small but talented turnout to the dirtriders race in Officer. 
Many thanks to the Scouts and Fatties for the chance to race on these awesome trails. It was a muddy affair, but some good racing. 
For the Racing, Felix Smalley took out A grade, even with a first lap challenge from Mark Mos in 2nd followed by Shane Barr who suffered a mechanical but got going again. Felix is a former dirtriders member who has been racing overseas and is heading back with the Australian national team.. GO FELIX
B grade was won by Andrew Butler, thn Steven Wallis
C grade Mark Mex, followed by Phil Macdonald and Matthew Fenner
Special mention to Oliver Beaumont who should have reaced U15, coming in 6th in C grade
D grade saw Ben MacDonald takeout 1st with Steve Beaumont 2nd
U15 was our own resident mountain climber, Sienna Grove, then Xavier Hart who suffered a mechanical.
Great to see 4 of the 19 riders on track in dirtriders kit!!

 DR Order form 2013
(Download Size: ~384KB)

Club kit, new for 2013. some changes to the nicks, same great quality.

****Note, new pricing for members****

These are all top line gear and do last ages.

They look fantastic, either on the road or on the tracks. stand out and be counted...

Order your club kit for 2013.  Download the attached form and email to:

or call Mobile: 0407512760

Prices are:

$65 ($80 non members) jersey/race fit

$95 ($110 non members)for bib nicks (these are top notch).

$ 10 ($15 non members) Socks.

$35 arm warmers.

$20 Riding Caps



arm warmers









Hey Guys, check this link out. Delon KM, as part of his Year 12 studies has put together this production from the first round of the winter series.

If this doesnt get you wanting to ride the Rock Hop, or any other race at Beacy, then nothing will.

Keep an eye out for yourself, if you were there at round 1, and for one of the committee members tongues

Please, do him a favour and like the vid on youtube. I did try and embed the actual clip, but to no avail.

Thanks Delon!! You rock!!!!!



 2013 rock hop course
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 Rock Hop 2013 category results
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 Rock Hop 2013 detailed results
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Hi Guys, Rock Hop 2013 has been run and won.

An awesome days racing, and the tracks were immaculate. A pure MTB track at its best.

Great racing in all categories, some close racing, and a few minor spills. 

Thanks especially to the rest of the committee and members. 

In particular Craig Woolard, Ramon Hall, Anthony Long, Scott Lancaster and Shane Wilson.

Thanks also to the Scouts, the Massuesses and everyone elso who made the race fun..


Pics should be up in the next few days on FB, but the results are up here..


Title   Rock Hop
Type   6 or 3 Hour
When   20th Oct, 2013
Organiser   Dirtriders
Phone   0407512760
Where   Upper Beaconsfield
Start   10:00 am
Finish   4:00 pm
Registration Details   Register before the event at entryzone
Cost   $50
Other...   3 and 6 Hours is open to categorys based on VES series.See entryzone for details

 Round 2 winter series results
(Download Size: ~1MB)
 Round 3 winter series results
(Download Size: ~641KB)
 Round 4 Winter series results
(Download Size: ~58KB)

Round 4 results are up, great racing in B grade and under 15s.

We had a computer failure so results were manual

 Media Release Jason Wood MTB trails
(Download Size: ~948KB)

Hi Guys, Fat Tyre flyers, one of our sister clubs in the area, have been doing some great work in the area trying to get new areas to ride. Looks like that is coming to fruition, with a pledge from the liberal candidate to fund and back a trail network in the Beaconsfield Nature Conservation area.

To make this a success , it will require a big effort from all clubs in the area to get involved, and Dirtriders are in 100%. 

Great work guys, esp Duncan and Steve from FTF.

The media release is attached, and you can see a bit more info at

This is great news guys, and MTB in the South East is growing...




Hi All,

Quiet turnout at the AGM, however your new committee is...

President/Treasurer: Ray Hart

Vice President: Scott Lancaster

Secretary: Adrian Jackson

Webmaster/Communications: Paul Verheijden

Equipment officer: Craig Woolard

General Committee: Ramon Hall

                             Anthony Long

A few new committee faces, but you will have seen them around toiling away

Dirtrider members are encouraged to attend the AGM to:

  • find out what the club has done
  • the direction the club is heading
  • determine if you can be part of a community of passionate like minded people

The AGM will be held after the first race of the winter series on the 30 th June 2013. 

Note:  You will not be forced to join the committee if you turn up.